HR Trends Report 2022

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Discover the 11 HR trends that will shape the future of work in 2022 and beyond.

HR Trends Report 2022

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HR Trends Report 2022

HR departments can and should play a crucial role in ensuring that their organizations can transition from surviving to thriving in 2022. But how exactly? 

In this report, founder of AIHR Erik van Vulpen and HR & OD thought leader Dieter Veldsman outline why this is only possible with a proactive and future-proof HR function. 

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HR needs to take one step further in 2022

The key takeaway from the past two years is that change is continuous, not episodic. This is evident from the sudden shift towards remote work, numerous lockdowns, and re-emerging health concerns, to the Great Reopening and the Great Resignation. 

As the world takes on emerging challenges such as rising inflation, lagging supply chains, and severe talent shortages, HR will be the driving force behind any and all necessary changes. 

As such, HR needs to be able to anticipate and prepare for new challenges to stay one step ahead of the curve. The first step to do this is to have a clear understanding of what awaits the world of work in 2022. 

To help HR professionals navigate these unchartered waters, we have compiled the most important HR trends of 2022, including: 

  • HR as a product
    HR needs a shift from thinking in terms of projects to thinking in terms of products in order to deliver better business value.
  • Talent marketplaces & talent allocation
    Tight labor markets are forcing companies to make better use of the talent they already have and partner up with other companies to expand their existing talent pools. 
  • HR owning business transformation
    Future-ready companies operate with a fixation on speed and simplicity, and grow by scaling up their ability to learn and innovate. It is up to HR to drive transformation in all these areas. 

The full report discusses more trends, examples from other businesses, and what this means for HR. To access the HR Trends Report 2022, simply fill out the form and you will receive a PDF copy via email.  

HR Trends Report 2022

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HR Trends Report 2022

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