Transform your organization’s HR capabilities

Developing digital, analytics, and business-centered HR capabilities help you improve the strategic impact of HR and ultimately drive better outcomes for your organization and employees.

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of HR professionals do not think that they have the skills needed to thrive in a digital HR environment

HR as a key driver of business outcomes?

Transform HR from a ‘fee burner’ into a key driver of business outcomes by launching services, and processes into the digital era. The digital transformation of HR requires a variety of different and rare skill sets to work in sync. With our team and enterprise licenses, you ensure that your people have what it takes to support the digital transformation of HR.

Claim your seat at the table

By using data to drive fact-based decision making and implementing tools that make employees more successful and happy at work, you boost your strategic impact and claim a seat at the table.

Up-skill and re-skill your HR staff

93% of HR professionals do no think that they have the skills needed to support the digital transformation of HR. Up-skill and re-skill your people with in-demand skills to keep them effective.

Get ahead of your competitors

Technology is disrupting companies and industries worldwide. Develop a unique competitive edge by leveraging technology to optimize the efficiency and impact of your HR practices.

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Transform your HR staff

Team License

Position your team for success and get access to all existing and upcoming online courses

For one specific team
Up to 25 people
Access to all courses
On AIHR's learning portal
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Enterprise License

Organization-wide upskilling of HR professionals with digital and data-driven skills

HR-wide upskilling
Starting from 25 seats
Custom course curriculum
Optionally integrate with LMS
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HR Skills 2025 Program

Upskill and reskill your HR people for high impact

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Building a data-driven HR culture

Shape a data-driven HR culture through data literacy training

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People Analytics Team License

Position your analytics team for success with access to the latest training courses

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At the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR), we help corporate HR professionals develop the latest digital skills. By collaborating with leading practitioners we have developed the most practical and hands-on courses in areas such as People Analytics, Digital HR, and Employee Experience.

Why get AIHR?

Accredited self-paced online learning
Save money by upskilling versus hiring new talent
Real-world projects + resource library
Global practitioners support community
Integrate with your local LMS
Management dashboard and implementation support

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