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Updated March 14, 2022

Our AIHR product roadmap covers all the content that we have recently released and revamped, the things that we’re working on now, and the projects that we’re planning to tackle next.

What matters to us in setting this roadmap?

  1. Covering the leading edge of innovation within HR
  2. Creating practical content that makes you successful in your job
  3. Making your journey with AIHR fun and engaging

We are getting a ton of requests every day. So please keep your feedback, requests, and recommendations coming! We look at every single one and make the tough decisions every quarter what to focus on next.

What Are We Working on Now?

New lessons for the HR Generalist Certificate Program

Our most recent certificate program is expected to launch on April 19 for the general audience, yet our Full Academy members have already access to the first two lessons! Meanwhile, our team is working on putting the final touches on three more lessons that will be part of this program, and will focus on analyzing the role of HR in a Scaling Business, provide guidance on effective communications and how to transition the HR function from operation to Strategy.

Note: If you have a Full Access License, you will automatically get access to the lessons that have already been released, ahead of the program launch on April 19!  If you do not have full access yet, simply send an email to [email protected] or contact your coach directly to receive an upgrade offer.

Statistics in HR Revamp

This course is part of our People Analytics Certificate Program and it is receiving a complete overhaul, further exploring how Statistics can be leveraged to solve real HR Questions.

Learning and Development Certificate Program Update

Our Learning and Development Certificate program is receiving a new addition with a course on Digital Learning, which we are working on in collaboration with ING. Stay tuned for more updates!

More Live Events in the Community!

Our Community is becoming more and more active thanks to all our amazing members. To add to all the interesting and thought-provoking conversations, we are hosting an exclusive live webinar each week, for all our members!

Every session is packed with industry trends and valuable insights delivered by special guests and leaders in the field. Some of the topics we cover in February are the concept of Allyship with DEIB Expert Marcelo Baudino, Practical implementations of Organization Network Analysis with guests Richard Lalleman and Hannah O’Connor, a Live Q&A with Erik van Vulpen on Powerful HR KPIs and so much more!

What’s Next?

Digital HR Certificate Program 2.0

Our Digital HR Program will be receiviing  a complete facelift with new content on major major trends affecting HR, the future of work, and its workforce. Expected launch date is May 2022. Stay tuned for more details!

People Analytics Revamp

Another of our most popular Certificate Programs will be receiving a major update later in 2022 with fresh content and new additions to build up the tools you’ll need to turn people data into a competitive advantage for your organization. More information coming soon!


As a learner at AIHR, you have embarked on a rollercoaster that will continuously bring you new knowledge and skills.

To make it visible how your skill set is developing, we will be implementing assessments at the start of every program. Progression will be measured with short tests and assignments throughout the program.

Afterward, we can exactly show you where you started and how you have progressed over time.

But, this is a huge project. Developing one assessment for one certification takes at least three months. So, this will be an ongoing project for the foreseeable future.

What did we release already?

HR Driving business value and the Employee Lifecycle Model

The first two lessons of our upcoming HR Generalist Certificate Program have already launched for our Full Academy members, ahead of the full program launch in April. The first two lessons focus on articulating the role of HR and the use of HR Canvas to map the HR prioritiies as well as understading the HR Lifecycle and how priorities change in alignment with business growth.

Both course are filled with guides and examples that are designed to provide a practical foundation to HR concepts to members that are either in their first HR role or have joined an organization as its first and only HR practitioner.

Note: If you have a Full Access License, you will automatically get access to these new courses. If you do not have full access yet, simply send an email to [email protected] or contact your coach directly to receive an upgrade offer.

D&I Certificate Program Update – Now DEIB

Our Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program is now the: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEIB) Certificate Program! The program was also update with a new course on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging which includes a resource toolbox as well as expert perspectives on Diversity and global DEIB for the individual and the organization.

Note: If you have a Full Access License, you will automatically get access to this new program. If you do not have full access yet, simply send an email to [email protected] or contact your coach directly to receive an upgrade offer.

Compensation and Benefits Certificate Program 🚀

Our newest Certificate Program, was released on November 16 with great success! It is designed to help HR professionals build their knowledge of compensation and benefits processes, including analytics, job evaluation, benchmarking, and rewards structures, to participate in strategic conversations driving their organization forward.

Note: If you have a Full Access License, you will automatically get access to this new program. If you do not have full access yet, simply send an email to [email protected] or contact your coach directly to receive an upgrade offer.

Organizational Development Certificate Program 🚀

This certificate program is designed to equip HR Professionals with the skills and expertise to help their organization thrive, now and in the future. The program consists of five modules, a Capstone project and a plethora of case studies and activities to help you not only test your knowledge but also learn how to apply your learnings in real situations.

Recruitment Analytics

Our current Recruitment Analytics course underwent a complete overhaul to make it more practical and hands-on.

The new version of the Recruitment Analytics course is launching in September and will replace the existing one, which is also part of the Talent Acquisition Certificate Program. The new course will consist of 15 brand new – and perhaps more importantly, very practical – lessons.

Strategic HR Metrics

Our Strategic HR Metrics course, which is part of our HR Business Partner 2.0 and the HR Metrics and Dashboarding certificate programs has received a full facelift. In this update, three new modules were added, on the HR Value Chain, the specifics of making a business impact and a third module on creating powerful KPIs.

In addition to the new modules, additional improvements to this course include a quiz after every lesson, community discussion after every module, four new practical assignments and one new template for even more real-world application.

Strategic HR Leadership Program

Our Strategic HR Leadership Certificate Program launched in June 2021. This exciting program is aimed at preparing new or aspiring HR leaders for a strategic role within HR.

New module on Rewards

A new module was added to our Talent Acquisition Certificate Program! The new module (four lessons and an awesome case study) will focus on how recruiters can understand, plan for, and leverage rewards to attract and retain top talent.

Among other things, students will learn about how to leverage rewards to stand out from competitors and how to communicate and negotiate rewards most effectively to different personality types or roles.

Resource Libraries

We have recently launched a series of resource libraries on HR Strategy, Talent Management and HR Metrics, exclusive to our members. In addition to the courses that we offer, have now access to curated collections of practical resources, guides, tools and templates, readily available at their fingertips.

Certificate Validator

Many of our members proudly feature their certificates on LinkedIn. However, to protect your certificate(s) value, we need to ensure that they can’t easily be forged.

That’s we launched a way to validate certificates through our website using the unique ID on every certificate.

Gamification emails 💪

We have implemented weekly celebration emails and monthly progress reports that showcase your learning achievements and motivate you to keep the momentum going.

All About HR podcast 🎙️

“All About HR” is the new podcast series in which our very own Neelie Verlinden interviews HR leaders that have unique and fresh perspectives on how HR should be practiced in an increasingly dynamic and digital world.

Subscribe to our Youtube channel and stay tuned for the next episode!

T-Shaped HR Assessment (pilot)

Our team got to work with all this positive feedback and created the second version of a T-Shaped HR Assessment that will show you how T-shaped your profile is.

With over 2,000 people completing the first version, we have already started working on the next, more accurate, skill-based assessment.

Accreditation by Northeastern University

Read all the details about this partnership here.

SCORM Compliant

Our product team has spent a ton of time transforming all the courses you will find within our regular academy into a SCORM compliant format. This means that they can be hosted within the existing LMS systems of our enterprise customers.

Interested in getting the AIHR courses on your LMS? Please get in touch with Cas van Andel via [email protected].

Share Your Ideas In the Community 👍

While course and product development priorities aren’t chosen by popular vote from the comments, we do read every message shared here and appreciate the feedback and input! Please post your suggestions in the community.

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