Andre the Giant

Pro-Wrestler Andre the Giant Haiku     Andre steps over the ring ropes into the square – the ground gives a sigh.   Andre the Giant body slams Bruiser — a towel drops from the rafters.   Wrestling boots unlaced — Andre runs a blow dryer through his hair — real clean.   Andre’s skivvies flap on the line — a sunny day. A raven doesn’t care.   With pen in fingers Andre writes the universe — fingers size of hands.   Andre helps a little old lady across heavy traffic — the road yields.   Andre bends far down to palm water from the stream. The stream stretches up!   Andre  wraps his hands around his foot — massages. The cheering fans gone.   Bruiser shoves the clerk at the hotel. Vulgar… Watch out! Here comes Andre.   Andre snaps fortune cookies and reads.  The chef takes the rest the day off.   The ground is lonely. It needs convincing to hold down rocks.  Where’s Andre?   Andre skips.  BLAM! BLAM! of heels until the sun shines. The children go play —   Hard pin! Andre breaks two ribs, they’re Bruiser’s — even giants need money.    A mugger threatens Andre at knife point.  Andre hands him an autograph.   Andre rides the bus two seats at a time — snoozing to the next match up.   Abrakadabra! But Andre’s still big — lonely curse… fallen brow.   Andre wades into the sea.  The waves carry him like driftwood — free feet!