James Jay’s poetry has appeared in The Huffington Post, Strange Machine, Alligator Juniper, Crab Creek Review, Cutbank and numerous other journals and magazines. His short stories and essays have been featured in Carbon 14, The View from Here; his interviews of award-winning writers such as Mark Gibbons, Dennis Greig, and Ron Chernow have appeared in various newspapers.

He has worked as the weekly Literary News Correspondent for Koshari Television.  His previous book of poems, The Undercards, won the Sashimi Award for Literature (Gorsky Press, 2003). Jim Simmerman described The Undercards as “chock-full of spectacle, drama, and scrupulous technique…a veritable W.W.E. in verse.”

Photo by Jeff Sirkin

A Dozen Nothing.

Each month brings you new work by one poet. For August 2020, A Dozen Nothing features six new poems by James Jay, including five new poems from his Whiskey Box series.

Intersecting with the Aphorism

Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies, November 2018